We are the Premium Law Firm of Hounslow.

At Gull Law Chambers, we believe that we must maintain the highest standard at all times so that we can offer the best service possibilities.

To do this, we have pre- defined values which everyone within the Gull Law Chambers family believe in and strive to enforce. Dedication to our clients: To understand their needs and adding value; to building close, long-term relationships; to always putting the client’s needs first. Drive to improve: We work supportively and unselfishly together; to be positive, innovative and opportunistic; to always strive to be the best.

Delivering the highest quality: To achieving the highest standards in everything we do; to remain open to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement; to conducting ourselves with integrity and maintaining the principles of our profession. Our Fees: Gull Law Chambers charges very competitive fees, while maintaining the highest quality in work.

Unlike many other Law Firms, Gull Law Chambers does not charge on a solely hourly rate basis. We aim to agree a fixed fee with our clients, with no hidden costs so that all parties are clear from the outset what the costs are.

Our Solicitors will advise you in detail of what sort of costs are involved in your case and will also provide confirmation of this in writing for you.

NB – We do not undertake Legal Aid Work.

We specialise in solving problems

Gull Law Chambers This firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority ; SRA Ref: 554564